Coffee Obsessed

It is no secret that Australia is regarded as having the best coffee in the world. It has long been a part of the Australian culture and lifestyle with over 1.3 million coffees sold each day. The specialty coffee movement has been in force for decades and there are over 20,000 coffee shops and cafes to choose from.

The style of Australian coffee is much smoother, lighter and more caramel tasting compared to coffee from other parts of the world like the US and Italy, which is much darker and more bitter. It is also the country where the most popular coffee drink in the UK was invented – the ‘Flat White’.

Australians are in general very “anti” coffee chains and 95% of coffee shops are independently owned, ensuring a very healthy, competitive market, where consumers can always easily find a cup of amazing coffee.

As Bondi Social is owned by an Australian, the obsession for the perfect cup of coffee has been a fundamental principle since day one of opening. Aaron, who owns Bondi Social spent over 20 years living in Surry Hills, Sydney, which is considered one of the main Australian destinations for the specialty (artisan) coffee scene. His aim is to ensure that the same high level of coffee would be available at Bondi Social. To ensure this, we have invested in the best coffee making equipment, employ baristas that understand what it takes to brew the perfect cup of ‘Australian style’ coffee and teamed up with ‘Curious Roo Roasters’, who are part owned by an Aussie, to ensure our customers always get the best coffee around.

We are not just a juice bar and cafe, coffee is just as important, ask any of our regulars that come in almost everyday for our coffee.

P.S for those that would like something else, we haven’t forgotten about you. We have hot chocolate (original and Tim Tam), award winning Henny & Joe’s Masala Chai, Aussie Milo, Turmeric Chai and Matcha lattes and a great selection of Premium and Australian Native Bush Tea’s. Most are severed in hot and iced versions.