Our Story

G’Day, London!

About 8 years ago, the owner, Aaron had a dream to bring to London a unique, fun and colourful take on the Australian juice bar/coffee shop, which can be found on almost every street corner Downunder.

Having spent over 20 years living in Surry Hills in East Sydney and spending plenty of time at nearby Bondi Beach, both areas well known for some of the best quality coffee on the planet and also plenty of juice bars and café’s offering amazing tasting, healthy and freshly made drinks and food,  Aaron wanted to combine all the best of these elements into one establishment that could work well in the one of the most energetic, vibrant and incredible cities in the world – ‘London’. It needed to offer Londoners and homesick Aussies , something unique, fun along with providing the freshest, healthiest and great tasting, juices, smoothies and food. Providing ‘Australian style’ specialty coffee (smooth, slightly caramel and definitely not burnt tasting), was also a must have.

After several more years of planning and conceiving, eventually ‘Bondi Juice’ was the final concept (now named Bondi Social).

The next step was to find somewhere in London where the flagship store could launch. It had to be an area where there was a very strong community that appreciates a healthy lifestyle, but also has a good sense of humour and likes to have a little fun. The location also needed to embrace independence. We never want to be one of those big chains. We want our customers to be part of our family and we want to be part of their community.

The stars aligned one day! Aaron just happened to be walking down Churchfield Road on a beautiful blue-sky day in November 2021, when he noticed this little hand written piece of paper stuck on the window of 92 Churchfield Road – saying “Shop for Rent” with a mobile phone number. After numerous attempts to contact the number, finally the owner, a lovely Polish gentleman, Michael, returned his call. He wasn’t keen to rent the shop out to a café and it required a lot of Aussie charm to convince him to give Bondi Juice (now Bondi Social) a go, and the rest is history.

Today, we are an independent juice bar, coffee shop all-day brunch spot and cocktail bar, offering a delicious Australian take on healthy, great tasting smoothies, juices and food and cocktails. We are Australian owned, so we are very coffee obsessed and we strive to make the perfect “Flat White” (and all other coffees) using our other Aussie mates, “Curious Roo’s” awesome roasted blend of Brazilian and Columbian coffee beans.  However, it’s not just about the food and drink, we want to give all our customers an experience of a warm and friendly atmosphere, set in an environment that feels like a “little taste of the Australian summer –  all year round”. So even when it’s the most miserable, grey rainy day, you can come into Bondi Social and feel warm, very welcomed and in a place that is bright, vibrant and has a sense of humour.

So to all our current and future mates in Acton or further afield, if you’re looking for an Aussie pick-me-up, look no further: Bondi Social is here to make your day feel a whole lot better! Come and see and taste for yourself ☺